Our modern shipping containers are built with well-checked high-quality materials assembled indoors with care. The entire process is very precise and automated. This gives our container homes an advantage of a faster process than a traditional home. Because they're not your typical traditional homes due to their small dimensions and lack of foundation, our container homes can go anywhere you want them to go, unlike traditional homes. Because they're not like traditional homes, they have the advantage to accommodate many different types of conditions.

Modern house containers are a very wise investment and the best alternative to traditional housing because they're very affordable, sustainable, and quick to assemble than traditional homes.

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VITON has been established to provide affordable sustainable housing containers with the best quality materials on the market for everyone.

At VITON, we are a team of individuals dedicated to creating products that allow our customers to take a proactive approach, and enjoy living life without downgrading to a certain lifestyle. VITON caters to companies and individuals from all walks of life.

It's your time to be the landlord, hotel owner, restaurant owner, gym owner, and yoga center owner with our fully customizable house containers to your preferred needs and demands.You ask, we provide, and deliver.

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Below is multiple container house building

cube container rental houses
cube rental house with pool
Inside the container house

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